Webinar Academy

About the NBMBAA®
Webinar Academy

Webinar Academy topics are focused on skill-building for personal, professional and financial growth. NBMBAA® online webinars are open to association members and future members.

Expert Hosts

Webinars are hosted by training professionals and/or topic experts to provide the highest-quality experience for our members and future members.

Training Presentation and Q&A

Each one-hour webinar consists of a training presentation followed by an interactive Q&A session with live attendees.

Year-Round Access

Webinars are recorded and made available to our members in the NBMBAA® Knowledge Center for evergreen access to a wealth of content.

Next Webinar

December 6, 2017, 2PM EST
Contextual Commerce & The Digital Economy

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Potential 2017
Webinar Topics

Actual webinar topics will be announced prior to sessions as experts are booked. Members will be sent a notification email for pre-registration as live-sessions will have limited availability.

   Leadership for New Managers/Supervisors

   Emotional Intelligence

   Introduction to Project Management

   Team Building

   Building a Successful Business Case

   Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Skills

   Managing Change

   Finance for Non-Finance Managers

  Presentation Skills

   Building Partnerships

   Manager in the Middle

   Developing Director Reports and Others

   Time Management