The Pillars of Programming

To best serve the needs of our members, the NBMBAA® Program Suite is tailored to three pillars.


Education & Career Exploration

Devoted to creating opportunities for
education and career exploration


Leadership & Professional Development

Helping members develop the skills
to become leaders in their field


Economic Prosperity

Providing resources and knowledge to put
members on the path towards prosperity

Education &
Career Exploration

Education and Career Exploration includes programs that aim to increase the acceptance and graduation rates of our members in undergraduate and graduate programs; and provide career opportunities and placements. Programs in this pillar include:

  • Leaders of Tomorrow® Suite
  • Collegiate Partnerships
  • Scholarships
  • Internship Program
  • Higher Ed Expo
  • Career Expo

Leadership &
Professional Development

Leadership and Professional Development strives to help members acquire the necessary skills and opportunities to advance their careers. Programs in this pillar include:

  • Thought Leadership
  • 100K Hours Mentoring Challenging
  • Business Case Competitions
  • Crisis Management Sessions
  • Impact Awards
  • Webinar Academy


Economic Prosperity is devoted to helping our members gain financial knowledge and independence, improve credit, and access capital opportunities. Programs in this pillar include:

  • State of Black Professionals Report
  • Policy Programs
  • $100K Scale-Up Pitch Contest