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The NBMBAA® is devoted to honoring individuals, Chapters and partners that demonstrate exceptional service to the organization, its members and its mission. Programs such as the Entrepreneur of the Year, President and CEO Award for Excellence, President and CEO Award, H. Naylor Fitzhugh Award, MBA of the Year Award, NBMBAA® Chairperson’s Award, and many more awards honor professionals who go the extra mile to empower our communities through business excellence, service, and professionalism. The NBMBAA® is proud to honor individuals who epitomize leadership and uphold the values of the Association.

Chairman's Award

Selected by the Chair of the NBMBAA®, the recipient of this award is a member of the NBMBAA® and is recognized for volunteering and his/her commitment to the organization at a local, regional or national level. This individual is well respected by his/her peers in the local communities they serve and exemplifies the basic core values of the Association.

2021 Recipient: Aulston G. Taylor, President & CEO, St. Augustine High School

2020 Recipient: Professor Afolabi Soyode

2019 Recipient: Tandra Jackson, Managing Partner, KPMG

2018 Recipient: Beverly Robertson, Chief Operating Officer, TRUST  Marketing & Communications

2017 Recipient: Ronald Thompson, Non-Executive Chair of the Board of Trustees of Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA) and Lead Director of Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA)

2015 Recipient: Dr. William Pickard, Founder, Chairman, CEO Global Automotive Alliance

2014 Recipient: Debra L. Lee, Chairman and CEO of BET Entertainment

Chapter of the Year Awards

Awarded to recognize NBMBAA® chapters that have dutifully demonstrated excellence within their respective regions, NBMBAA® chapters are chosen for this prestigious award based on performance criteria set by the NBMBAA® headquarters. This performance is tracked and measured by the Balanced Scorecard with six areas being measured: fund development, membership growth and retention, leadership, public relations, program implementation, and chapter governance – all of which are critical to the health and long-term viability of the Association.

2021 Recipients: Washington, DC (Tier 1), Kentucky (Tier 2)

2020 Recipients: Atlanta (Tier 1), Indianapolis (Tier 2)

2019 Recipients: Atlanta (Tier 1), Kentucky (Tier 2)

2018 Recipient: Washington, DC

2017 Recipients: Central Florida, Dallas

2016 Recipients: Atlanta, Detroit & Washington D.C.

2010 Recipient: Atlanta Chapter

2006 Recipient: Atlanta Chapter

2004 Recipient: Atlanta Chapter

1999 Recipient: Dayton Chapter

Entrepreneur of the Year

Founded to recognize the importance of entrepreneurism within the African American community, this award is presented to individuals who embrace, support and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit.

2021 Recipient: Chanda Macias, PhD, CEO, Ilera Holistic Healthcare

2020 Recipient: Kimberly A. Blackwell, Entrepreneur, Investor, Philanthropist

2019 Recipient: L.P. Green, II, CEO & Founder, Savoy Venture Partners

2018 Recipient: Edmund Poku, CEO, Niche Cocoa Industry, LTD

2017 Recipient: Irving Matthews, President and Owner of The Matthews Automotive Group

2013 Recipient: John Daniels

2004 Recipient: Juanita and Gregory Baranco, (EVP and COO) and (President and CEO) of the Baran Company, LLC

H. Naylor Fitzhugh Award of Relevance

Awarded to recognize exceptional contributions toward self-improvement and a demonstrated involvement in various business, educational and professional organizations within the African American community.

2021 Recipient: Cynthia Warrick, Ph.D. RPh, President, Stillman College

2020 Recipient: Dean Erika H. James, Dean, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania

2019 Recipient: Eddie Brown, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Brown Capital Management

2018 Recipient: Gayle V. King, EVP, Chief Administrative Officer, Nationwide

2017 Recipient: Dr. Lawrence M. Drake II, President and CEO of LEADership, Education and Development (LEAD)

2016 Recipient: Kenneth Coleman, Chairman, Saama Technologies

2015 Recipient: Catherine W. LeBlanc, Business and Education Consultant

2014 Recipient: Johnathan D. Mariner, EVP and CFO of Major League Baseball

2013 Recipient: Lonnie Bunch, Founding Director National Museum of African American History Baseball

Helping Hands Award

This special award is presented by the President & CEO to an individual or organization that has truly exceeded expectations while serving the NBMBAA®.

2019 Recipient: Kimberley Ann Hayes, MA, EdM, CEO, Social Systems Strategies

2018 Recipient: Stephen C. Lewis, BoD President, Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program

2017 Recipient: William W. Wells Jr., President/CEO, W. Wells & Associates, LLC

2016 Recipient: Dee Williams, FCA US, LLC

2015 Recipient: Volunteers who have mentored Leaders of Tomorrow® (LOT) students:

Kent Cooke – 15 years (Philadelphia Chapter); Dana Davis – 10 years (Dallas Ft. Worth Chapter); Wayne Greene – 17 years (Dallas Ft. Worth Chapter); Keisha Kelly – 10 years (Washington, DC Chapter); Oscar Mardis – 10 years (Washington, DC Chapter); William Mills – 20 years (New York Chapter); Cedric Mobley – 18 years (Dallas and Washington DC Chapters); Anthony K. Moffett, Sr. – 10 years (Detroit); Shamieka Nelson – 11 years (New York and San Francisco Chapters); Tina Saulsbury – 13 years (Kansas City Chapter); Angela Thornton-Young – 18 years (Washington DC Chapter); Kathy Valentine – 10+ years (Dallas & New Jersey Chapters)

2014 Recipient: David Harrison, Director of Office of Diversity and Inclusion Student Services of Max M. Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University

Scale-Up Pitch Challenge Winner

National Black MBA Association® launched the Scale-Up Pitch Challenge in 2017 which works to satisfy the mission of the Association to help create and support wealth-building opportunities for its members, with previous winners experiencing great success with investors due to exposure and funding provided through this challenge. This challenge is a pitch competition designed to “Make Big Ideas Bigger” by encouraging our members to create startups that are scalable. We provide startups the unique opportunity to connect with early-stage investors and venture capitalists who are ready to invest. Culminating at the 40th Annual Conference & Exposition in September, the winning team will be awarded a $50,000 Grand Prize, with additional prizes for 2nd place and a 3rd prize called the People’s Choice Award.

2021 Recipient: Erika Dillard, PopCheck Technologies, Inc.

2020 Recipient: Kayla Michelle, Pedul, Inc.

2019 Recipient: Javier Evelyn, Alerje

2018 Recipient: Kwame Boler, Neu, Inc.

2017 Recipient: Atima Lui, Nudest

Innovation Whiteboard Challenge Winner

2016 Recipient: Camille Newman, PopUpPlus

2015 Recipient: Stephanie Lampkin, Blendoor

2014 Recipient: PurchaseBlack.com

MBA of the Year

Awarded to an MBA whose participation and leadership exemplify the values and mission of the NBMBAA®. Take a look at past presidents, read about their accomplishments, and learn about nomination requirements and deadlines for future awards here.

2019 Recipient: Jacqueline Mims

2018 Recipient: Deanna Hamilton

2017 Recipient: Britta M. Wilson Ed.D.

2016 Recipient: Oscar Lewis

2015 Recipient: Marylyn R. Harris, Executive Director, Women Veterans Business Center/Harland Healthcare

2014 Recipient: Norman P. Fleming, Senior Director, Enterprise Business Solutions, MillerCoors

2013 Recipient:  Louis Judge III

Chapter President of the Year

Created in 2020, this award recognizes a Chapter president that exemplifies the mission of the National Black MBA Association® through the development of future leaders within the organization and more broadly, within the community; they show a commitment to the principles that build leadership, fosters an environment for lifelong learning and demonstrates a high standard of ethics personally and organizationally.

2021 Recipients: Andrew Hamilton, Metro New York Chapter (Tier 1), Kimberly Saunders, Central Florida Chapter (Tier 2) 

2020 Recipient: R. Leigh Johnson, Houston Chapter

Academic Partner of the Year

Introduced in 2016, this award is given to the institution of higher learning that provides exceptional support to NBMBAA® and its members.

2021 Recipient: Benedict College

2020 Recipient: Howard University School of Business

2019 Recipient: Alabama A&M University College of Business and Public Affairs

2018 Recipient: Emory University, Goizueta Business School

2017 Recipient: The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business

2016 Recipient: University of Florida

President’s & CEO's Award

This special award is presented by the President & CEO to an individual or organization that has truly exceeded expectations while serving the NBMBAA®.

2019 Recipient: Brenda Lauderback, Board Chair, Denny’s, Inc.

2015 Recipient: Amos Winbush III, CEO, CyberSynchs

2014 Recipient: Dr. Kase L. Lawal, Chairman and Executive Officer of CAMAC Energy Inc.

2013 Recipient: Thomas Allen & Joyce Moorehead; Albert Dotson

Silver Torch

Awarded to a corporation or individual that has made great gains to promote equal opportunities that challenge minority professionals. This individual has effectively advanced in strategic positions within their organization.

2021 Receipient: fiserv.

2020 Recipient: Liberty Mutual Insurance

2019 Recipient: Nationwide

2018 Recipient: Johnson & Johnson

2017 Recipient: FedEx Corporation

2016 Recipient: Delta Air Lines

2015 Recipient: Comcast NBC Universal

2013 Recipient: Accepting on behalf of Chrysler: Georgette Dulworth, Director – Talent Acquisition and Global Diversity, Chrysler Group LLC

Chapter LOT® Program of the Year

Awarded to the Chapter demonstrating exceptional implementation of and commitment to the Leaders of Tomorrow® program.

2021 Recipient: Chicago (Tier 1), Kentucky (Tier 2)

2020 Recipient: Atlanta

2019 Recipient: Charlotte

2018 Recipient: Detroit

2017 Recipient: Indianapolis

2016 Recipient: Raleigh-Durham Chapter

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