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Frequently Asked Questions

The Leaders of Tomorrow® Leadership Summit has a scholarship case competition designed to help participants develop real-world critical thinking and problem solving skills by addressing a business case study. Teams of participants work together to present their case to a panel of judges. Case competition winners will be awarded scholarships, paid directly to their educational institution. Below are a series of Frequently Asked Questions about the event and the case competition portion specifically.


What does the $100.00 per student non-refundable registration fee cover?

The fee covers the registration and meals for Wednesday night, Thursday through Saturday and Sunday morning, entrance into case competition, tickets to Keynote Speakers, and other conference programming. Chaperones will need to register but will not have a fee associated with their attendance.  Chapters are responsible for all other expenses.

Can we pay with a check?

Yes. Mail checks to National Black MBA Association®, Attn. LOT® Leadership Summit; 400 West Peachtree St, Atlanta, GA  30308. Or you may pay with credit card on the registration website.

What if we haven't selected our student competitors yet?

The final list of competing students and chaperones is due by May 19, 2017. If you do not include the member names in your initial registration you will need to submit the members directly to  All attendees must have a current membership to the NBMBAA® to attend the conference. Students who do not have completed membership by Friday June 23rd, 2017 by 10 p.m. will be ineligible to compete on Saturday.

How many students can we bring?

There is no cap on student registrations. Chapters will register students by a Leadership Track and a Case Competition Track. Programming will be provided to non-competing youth.

Can additional adults (parents and guests) attend?

Additional adults must pay a $200 fee to be included in meals and secure their own lodging arrangements.

Please mail checks by June 3, 2016 to:  National Black MBA Association®, Attn. LOT® Leadership Summit; 400 West Peachtree St, Atlanta, GA  30308

Who is eligible to participate on Case Competition teams?

Each student participating on a case team is to have participated in other LEADERS OF TOMORROW® activities from March 2017– June 2017 and must have a current membership to the NBMBAA®.

Where do I send my forms?

Forms like parent consent, video/photography releases and other documents should be sent to the LOT® Program at or by fax to 404-946-5229.

Is my chapter allowed to only attend the Case Competition?

Only teams that attend the entire Leadership Summit will be able to compete in the Case Competition. Certain permissions will be granted to participants who have a scheduling conflict with their school schedule. School schedules and permission requests must be sent to


Where will chaperones and students stay?

Students are required to stay on campus at the dorms adjacent to the Quinlan Business School of Loyola University. Cost is $65 per student per night. Beds are available for Chaperones as well. If chaperones wish to stay off campus, this will need to be communicated with NHQ at and their students will not be able to leave the dorms each day until a chaperone has arrived to escort them.

What should additional guests do about housing?

Additional adults (parents and guests) should contact hotels directly to secure housing.

What are the room arrangements?

Each attendee will book rooms upon registration and will have a bed saved for them. Every effort will be made to ensure that chapter members are housed together; however, in some cases, students and chaperones from chapters may be asked to room together per agreement between the chapters.

Which meals are included?

The following meals are covered:

  • Wednesday: Dinner
  • Thursday: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Friday: Breakfast Lunch, Dinner
  • Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch, and Awards Dinner
  • Sunday: Grab & Go breakfast

If you have a student/chaperone with special dietary needs, please indicate this on your team registration or send an email to

What if I only want to attend the Final Round and Awards Dinner?

Guests are welcome to attend the Final Round at an additional cost. Guests may register for the Awards Dinner online. The cost is $75 and is due by June 3rd.   Mail checks to National Black MBA Association®, Attn. LOT® Case Competition, 1 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 3500, Chicago, IL 60601.

Or you may pay with credit card by selecting tickets on the LOT® Case Competition Dashboard.

Special note: We are unable to accept last-minute requests for the Awards Dinner.

Is attendance to all Leadership Summit programming required?

Yes, attendance is mandatory from Wednesday evening to Sunday morning, unless permission is granted by NHQ for school scheduling conflicts.


Where will the competition be held?

The Leadership Summit will be held at Loyola University Quinlan School of Business.

Where is the nearest airport?

The nearest major airport is Chicago Midway Airport, 5700 S. Ciero Avenue, Chicago, IL (approximately 14 miles) or O’hare International Airport, 10000 W. O’Hare Avenue, Chicago, IL (approximately 15 miles).

How do I provide flight detail for the case team?

Please provide flight details to or by fax to 404-946-5229.

Will shuttle service be available?

Shuttles will be available for all offsite activities during the conference programming. All other transportation will need to be arranged and paid for by the attending chapter.

Are we able to arrive after the welcome reception?

Although it is not ideal, if your team cannot arrive by the 7:00 p.m. requested time, please contact Stephen Santellan or  so your team can be accommodated as much as possible.


What are the scholarship amounts?

Scholarships amounts are as follows and will be paid directly to the students’ educational institution, split equally between members on the team, including both presenters and non-presenters:

1st $15,000

2nd $10,000

3rd $5,000

Note: Please keep in mind that the LOT® Case Competition is a scholarship competition.  Winning students will only receive funds if they are enrolled in a post-secondary educational institution, and scholarship awards will be paid directly to the educational institution.

What if a winning student will not enroll in a post-secondary educational institution the year of the competition?

The NBMBAA® will hold the winning student’s scholarship funds in escrow until the student provides proof of enrollment at a post-secondary educational institution.  Any interest earned on such funds will be deposited into the LOT® scholarship fund.

What if a winning student decides not to pursue post-secondary education?

All participants should be aware that the LOT® Case Competition is a scholarship competition, and therefore the scholarship awards are intended to be used to further the educational pursuits of participants.  If a participant decides not to pursue a post-secondary education, the portion of that student’s award will be returned to the scholarship fund to further that intended goal.

How will the winning teams claim their scholarships?

Each winning chapter must provide the names and contact information for each team member to the National Black MBA Association®.  Each team member will be responsible for providing proof of enrollment at a post-secondary educational institution (e.g., copy of course schedule, letter from school registrar or other acceptable proof of enrollment), mailing address of Financial Aid office (or Cashier’s/Bursar’s office) and date of expected graduation date or year.


When should teams submit their materials?

All materials will be provided electronically and are due to NHQ no later than Friday, June 23rd at 10pm CST.

What software should we use?

PowerPoint will be the only program supported by onsite staff.

Will my case team be required to attend the final round if they are not competing?

Yes, attendance at the Leadership Summit is mandatory from Wednesday evening to Sunday morning, unless permission is granted by NHQ for school scheduling conflicts.

Will there be Internet in the presentation rooms?

Yes, all rooms have Internet.