Dia Simms


Coporate Executive, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Public Speaker

Dia Simms is a corporate executive, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and public speaker, whose professional journey began uniquely with her work at the Department of Defense. With positions in advertising sales and the pharmaceutical industry following, Simms’ career path took an unconventional digression when she was solicited to work with music and business mogul Sean Combs.

After instantaneously getting along famously, Simms was offered the position of Combs’ assistant, and though having never been one, she accepted the undertaking without hesitation. Simms quickly rose to the challenge by proving herself invaluable, eventually securing the position as Chief of Staff of Combs’ Executive Office. Due to her relentless commitment to excellence, she was promoted several times within the past nine years, eventually securing her current role as President of Combs Enterprises, overseeing the strategic execution of all brands under the house of Combs. The charges include Blue Flame, Combs Wine & Spirits (CÎROC Vodka & DeLeón Tequila), Janice Combs Music, Bad Boy Records and Sean Combs’ Estate, while working closely with investments Sean John, Revolt Television Network and AQUAHydrate.


Under her leadership, Cîroc Ultra -Premium Vodka has experienced over 1000% growth, going from obscurity to one of the most globally recognized vodka brands. The company’s in-house marketing agency, also led by Dia, has received several awards and accolades including the coveted “Diageo Golden Bar Award for ‘Best Spirits Advertising’” and Diageo’s “2011 Global Marketing Brilliance Award for best ‘Synergy 360’”. These accolades are largely due to Simms’ efforts to ensure that brand marketing plans have a strong tactical paradigm: The core belief of the agency is supremely focused on delivering sales driven programming and connecting the consumer to its brands in lifestyle-driven arenas.

In 2011 Simms herself was named ‘Leader of the New School’ by Essence Magazine. She is regularly featured in the media, and has lent her expertise to such outlets as The Huffington Post, Fortune, Pfizer, Fox News, State Farm and many more. Her dedication to community engagement is demonstrated through her efforts as a board member philanthropic organizations including Baltimore’s Thread, Binkable, and more.



Simms received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Morgan State University, a Master’s degree in Management with a concentration in Contract Management from the Florida Institute of Technology, and a Level- II Certified by the Defense Acquisition University. She balances her work and personal life by commuting from New York to her home in Baltimore, Maryland where she resides with her husband and daughter.

Her belief is that women can be multifaceted in their work and personal lives, maintaining that women can be strong business professionals as well as stellar mothers and wives. This mantra has become a source of inspiration for those looking to emulate her success. Simms cites her mother as her inspiration and credits her as her compass for being a success in business and parenting. Her learned conviction, “Do what you say you’re going to do”, has become her life’s motto, and a standard that she successfully upholds for herself and others to encourage and incentivize personal accountability for perpetual success.