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100K Mentoring

About the NBMBAA®
100K Mentoring Challenge

NBMBAA® is devoted to helping our members reach the next levels of their professional careers by connecting you with experienced professionals, corporate volunteers and academic partners.


We match members based on professional skills and needs. For non-minor members, one-on-one mentoring can be at Chapter events or at an outside location.

Small Group

Mentors host small sessions around specific topics. Attendees register in advance for a session with two or three other members for a focused small group discussion.


Mentors hold larger workshops with up to fifteen members where hands-on activities are encouraged for skill building.


Our digital platform will connect members throughout the US and Canada with mentors who match their needs. Video Chatting and messaging will help create long-lasting mentor relationships.

Speed Mentoring

Held at local Chapters, these sessions give attendees five to ten minutes to meet with different mentors to find a good skill and personality fit for establishing a longer-term relationship.

“Graduate students with mentors are also likely to be more satisfied with their programs, be more involved in professional organizations, and have a stronger sense of professional identity.” – W. Brad Johnson PhD in American Psychological Association.

Benefits of Having a Mentor

Professionals at any stage in their career can benefit from mentoring. Studies show that mentoring increases the likelihood that youth will enroll in higher education, volunteer regularly, become a mentor themselves and even hold leadership positions. As an NBMBAA® member, you can take full advantage of the experienced professionals in our network who will help nurture your career.

   Exposure to New Ideas

   Advice on Overcoming Weaknesses

   Guidance for Professional Development

   Recognition and Introductions

   Explore New Career Paths

   Extend Your Professional Network

   Feeling Connected

   Improved Performance & Accountability

Benefits of
Being a Mentor

In addition to giving back to the community and young professionals, serving as a mentor has been shown to have a positive professional impact.

   Increased Sense of Identity and Effectiveness


   Greater Job Satisfaction

   Improved Expertise

   Personal Growth

   Leadership Development

   Learn New Things

   More Community Involvement